» Lawn Care Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guarantee your services?

Yes!  At Missouri Lawn Pro, we do everything we can to ensure that you are highly satisfied with our services. If you are unhappy for any reason please contact us immediately so it can be addressed and remedied quickly.

Do you require a contract?

No. There is no contract to sign. However, lawn care is a recurring service which means we will continue to perform the regularly scheduled treatments until you cancel or stop your service. Our results speak for themselves. We purposely put ourselves in a position where we have to re-earn your business with every service.  Discounts are available if you elect to pay for each month of service in advance.

Do I have to be home during the service?

No. If you will not be home when we are scheduled to arrive please ensure that all gates are unlocked and pets put inside. If payment arrangements have not been made prior to the service please leave cash under the door mat and we will leave your receipt in the same place. 

What payment methods do you accept?

We can accept cash and credit cards (via an invoice). We cannot accept checks and do not require that you provide us with any credit card information. 

When do you guys come out?

We start off each morning around 7am and finish around 5pm. Your home is scheduled in the most logical geographical order with our existing customers. We will typically be out around the same time each week, barring weather. In most circumstances we can only provide a rough estimate as to what time we will arrive as many factors could cause us to be a bit early or a bit late.

What if it's going to rain?

 A bit of drizzle or light shower doesn’t bother us too much, and our walk-behind mowers are light on their feet and won’t cause damage to your lawn. If it’s a thunderstorm, or raining heavily, we will reschedule your service to the following business day. 

Are you guys reliable?

YES! It's far too common in this industry for service agreements to be made only to have no one show up on the scheduled day. That is absolutely unacceptable. A majority of our current clients found us while searching for a replacement for their last provider that failed to do what they had agreed. The only circumstance when we wouldn't complete the service on the scheduled day is if the weather forces us to reschedule. 

What if I get my lawn fertilized?

 If you get your lawn fertilized by someone other than us, we strongly recommend you sign up for weekly service. Healthy lawn maintenance says to never cut more than 1/3 your grass blade on each mow, and weekly service ensures that. If Missouri Lawn Pro is providing your fertilization, then don’t worry about scheduling; that’s on us! 

What if I have a special occasion on my mowing day?

If you have a special event coming up and need us to adjust your schedule, please keep us informed! Just as if you were skipping a mow, we need notification by the business day before so we have time to react. It’s difficult for us to move our schedule around, especially on late notice, but if we have a crew in the area on a later day, we’ll do our best. See: “What if I want to skip a cut 

I have a dog, is that a problem?

 As a mowing company full of pet lovers, we stress our pet policy for their protection. Our big mowers are scary, and if your pooch is loose in the back yard, we won’t go in. We ask that you keep your pet inside on your mowing, fertilizing, or spring/fall clean-up day. Also, we ask that you pick up after your pet.

What height do you cut my lawn?

 Our mowers are set at 2.5” in the spring and raised to 3” during the hot summer months. These are the heights recommended by the Dept. of Agriculture for our Missouri grasses.  

What if I usually lock my gate?

 If you keep a locked gate, we generally recommend that you switch to a combination lock and give us the code so we can lock it back up to you when we’re through. Otherwise you’re responsible for locking/unlocking on your mowing day. If we unload all of our equipment and find you forgot to unlock your gate, we’ll mow everything we can and move on. If it’s on a fertilizing or spring clean-up day, we’ll phone you and reschedule service. 

What about bagging?

 We use commercial mowers that typically prevent the need for bagging, even if you’ve had to bag in the past with your mower at home. If it becomes an issue, we do offer bagging at an additional charge. 

Can I switch between weekly and bi-weekly service?

Switching from bi-weekly to weekly is not an issue, but switching from weekly to bi-weekly can cause scheduling conflicts for us. It is usually easier to skip a cut or two during dry season until we can determine the best schedule for your Missouri lawn mowing services. If you fertilize, you will almost always need weekly mowing to keep up with the fast rate of growth you will experience. 

What areas do you service?

We serve the following areas and zip codes:  Oakville, Lemay, Arnold, Fenton, St. Louis, Valley Park, Sunset Hills, Sappington, Bella Villa, Lakeshire, Green Park, Crestwood, St. Louis County, Jefferson County 63128 63127 63129 63125 63123 63126 63111 63119 63112 63088 63010 63021 63038 63131 63124  


What is your privacy policy?

 We do not share any of our customers’ personal information with 3rd parties.  We assure you that any information collected is used solely for internal purposes, and we treat security as our highest priority. 

What if I would like to skip a cut?

No problem, we only ask that you give us 24 hours notice to allow us time to reschedule the daily route.

Are you insured?

Yes! We have all necessary business licenses, a liability insurance policy, and are also bonded.